Tuesday 28 December 2010

Post Christmas/Pre New Year Resolution

Some might call this slightly premature, but a resolution this good can't wait until New Year...

About this time, I like to reflect a little on the previous twelve months. And I mean "a little". I'm not a deep reflector, more a puddle on the trail than Loch Ness. So, I scribbled down all the rides that I remembered from the year. Here they are in no particular order. Pay attention, there is a theme.
Spotted the theme? There isn't a single ride in there that I did solo. If you consider that 95% of my rides are solo, then it seems pretty conclusive that I don't remember rides, I remember people. So, my resolution for 2011 is...

To ride more with others.

Simple huh? So, anyone up for a ride on New Years Day? Early?