Sunday 27 December 2009

It's on - Lands End to John O'Groats

Or, LEJOG for short.

We've finally agreed the dates - 6th May til 16th May. 8 Days riding. 950ish miles (depending on the route). Four confirmed riders (myself, Darren, Phill, Jon), three support crew (Tim, Lynne, Becky).

I have some slightly strange feelings about it.
  • It doesn't seem that difficult. Only 120 miles a day for eight days. How hard can it be?
  • It doesn't seem that impressive. Loads of people do it.
  • I'm not that inspired, yet. I'm sure that'll come. I was more inspired by the thought of the Dragon Ride last year, and that was only one lot of 119 miles.
I think what's happened is that a bit of complacency has set in. It's just like doing the Dragon Ride eight days in a row.


From what I've read, recovery is the key. That's OK, because I'm rubbish at sleeping, especially after a big bike ride. Lets look at what the pros do:
  • Get off bike, get recovery drink shoved into them. I can do this, I can drink recovery drink
  • Get driven to their hotel. Ah, we'll be camping.
  • Massage. Anyone want to come along to massage me? (Note, must be female)
  • Team doctors, who have been known to help with "special" treatments. Um, I'll pack some ibuprofen
  • Recovery tights. That's OK, it involves buying stuff. I've already got a pair of these
  • A nutritionally balanced diet. We'll have pasta, Torq bars and beer.
So, pretty close then. We'll probably end up doing it quicker I reckon.

One final question - is this worth getting sponsored for? You see, I'm doing it anyway, for fun. In my view something sponsored should not be fun. Opinions?

Saturday 19 December 2009

Biking in a winter wonderland!

We don't get much snow round here, so you have to take your opportunities when you can. -3C, frozen ground, clear blue skies. Pretty much perfect.

Friday 11 December 2009

Random Perfectness

Sometimes, a fairly random series of events combine to provide the perfect evening. Firstly, getting in from work I managed to drag myself out for a solo night ride. We've had the first couple of proper winter days - cold, dry and crisp, and I took out the Scandal for the first time in ages.

Now, I've mainly been riding the singlespeed 853 Inbred recently, for my off road action. 130mm forks, slightly chunky - it's my "big bike" (though for most it would be a small bike). Anyway, leaping on the Scandal (100mm forks, super light, race geometry) after this was a little, um, frightening. Skittish, snappy, aggressive - perfect for racing, not so good for bimbling around muddy/icy woods, in the dark, by yourself. Still, I survived a couple of hours without falling off and got home chilly but unscathed.

As you can see, I also wore my "Skellington" jacket to keep the creatures of the night away.

Next - food. After a quick recovery snack of toasted malf loaf I started on my "Elaine won't eat this so I cook it when she's out" kedgeree. I'd even remembered to buy all the various ingredients I've tried in it in the past - green pepper, mushrooms, lemon, chilli, corriander. It's a recipe that's evolved, and the one tonight was pretty much perfect.

Now, a perfect meal needs a perfect drink... I give you Hook Norton 12 Days... as dark as a night time bike ride.

Does it get any better than this?

Sunday 6 December 2009

Cause and Effect

Cause: Very wet and muddy singlespeed ride resulting in filthy legs and bike.

Effect: Warm Normandy Apple Tart (from the Farmers' Market) and Chocolate Ice Cream

Nom, and indeed nom.

Friday 4 December 2009

Week One

It's Friday, coming to the end of training week one. It's been mixed.

Plan - Gym session, strength training
Actual - Went to London for meeting, drank beer afterwards

Plan - 1:30 Zone 2
Actual - 1:00 Zone 2, on the Turbo, watching BBC Breakfast. Joe Bonamassa gig, Subway footlong for tea.

Plan - 1oK run
Actual - 11K run. Ow. Hurty. Was stumbling around the house afterwards, and had to wear my Skins recovery leg things.

Plan - 1:30 Zone 2
Actual - 1:00 Zone 2 on the Turbo, cider and black, snakebite and black, Corona x 3, Bud x 1, tequila x 1. Work Christmas party that was.

Plan - Gym strength session, 1:30 singlespeed ride
Actual - Hangover, coffee, diet coke, spicy sausage pasta, 1:15 very muddy singlespeed ride/trudge.

I think that the actuals are more fun than the plan.

I need a better plan.