Wednesday 28 May 2008

Am I going off road?

I've just realised that I've arranged an "Easy Ride" for the MTB club that I'm chairperson of, where I promised to take out some people who've not really ridden off road before. Thing is, I still haven't ridden properly off road since dislocating, and though I sort of think it'll be fine I am a bit nervous.

  • Fitness - fine, in great shape (but somehow putting a bit of weight back on)
  • "Skillz" - fine, for the route I plan
  • Risk - pretty low, again based on the route I've got planned
  • Consequences of falling off - potentially nasty

So it's one of those "low risk but serious consequences" situations, like riding on a metre wide track by a 1000ft drop. You know that there is virtually no chance of falling, but then again, a stray mountain goat could leap out and send you plummeting to doom.

I think I'll still ride, but I'll be riding the skill-compensator.

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