Friday 26 September 2008

Why is bike DIY better than house DIY?

I really, really find house DIY tedious, stressful and pointless. It does nothing for me. My total DIY efforts in 5 years have been

  • Fixing some concealed bolts on the door between the house and garage
  • Putting up some shelves in the garage
  • Putting up lots of hooks in the garage
  • Fixing the back gate
  • Fixing the front door lock
  • Filling a few cracks in the plaster

Now, half of those relate to the garage - where bike fettling takes place. So if I find house DIY so difficult to get started, how can I spends hours in the garage stripping and servicing hubs, tweaking derailieurs, lining up brake hoses, replacing suspension linkages....? Maybe I'm addicted to the smell of GT85 in the morning.

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