Tuesday 14 July 2009

It's been a while

Three weeks? Something like that, since my last post. In that time I've
  • Been to Atlantic City, New York and my sister's place (New Jersey)
  • Won $160 at blackjack
  • Walked for an hour and a half to find a bike shop in NY that had a decent "souvenir" bike jersey
  • Been ill - while on holiday
  • Watched a lot of Tour de France
  • Bought more bike tops - a CCCP one, and the Giro points jersey (a fetching pinky-purple)
  • Done very little riding

I have done a bit of riding - a great MTB ride on the full-sus, only marred by the chain getting stuck between the cassette and the spokes. It was shifting kind of strangely, and couldn't get to the top gear at the back and was overshifting on the bottom gear. The wheel axle looked a bit odd too. Putting it on the workstand at home I realised that the rear wheel wasn't properly in the drop-outs, but somehow I'd aligned the rear brake with it in this position; so I've no idea how long it's been like that. Sorted now, and the bike works as well as it's going to. This is a good thing as I've got 12 hours solo in Plymouth to look forward to, in about 10 days time.

The plan for this week is a couple of rides, just easing back into things, and a big MTB ride on Saturday to remind my back what it's like to wear a Camelbak for several hours. Hopefully, it'll be fun, but could well be hell. Ah well, must be done. Fingers crossed for some sunshine.

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