Tuesday 13 October 2009

Frickin' Cold

That's what it was this morning, for the first long commute of the new training plan. 2.7C is not a temperature I really needed to inspire me out at 6:30am. Going in I wore (in order of putting on):
  • Udderly Smooth chamois cream
  • Shorts
  • Woolie Boolie socks
  • Overtights (is that the proper name?)
  • Garmin HRM strap
  • Merino base layer
  • Gore Phantom soft shell (one of the best bike things I own)
  • MP3 player (does this count?)
  • Shoes
  • Overshoes
  • Strange hat thing that goes under the helmet and keeps your ears warm
  • Hemlet
  • Clear glasses
  • Merino glove liners
  • Windproof outer gloves
Getting dressed took a while. Then I had to remember the Exposure Joystick front light, rear light, Garmin Edge, water bottle, keys, Torq bar and rucksack (containing work clothes, recovery drink powder, bagel, muffin, apple, spare Torq bar, Torq gel, phone, wallet, ID card, pump, inner tube, multi tool, watch).

Why can't I live somewhere hot, and have a job where I can work in sweaty bike clothes?

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