Wednesday 31 March 2010

My own personal Christmas

I've been shopping. And borrowing things from the bike shop. I think this is all justified, as I really really need (want) these things and I haven't bought a car for ages. So, firstly the borrows.

Two saddles to try out - a Fizik Arione CX, and a Fizik Aliante Gamma. Both test saddles (hence the delightful green) and both brand new at the bike shop - they unpacked them out of the crate in front of me so I know that I'm not sitting on something that been under more sweaty arses than a Libyan bus seat. I've already given them a go, and the Arione has been ruled out already. I just need to try a Prologo Scratch before deciding on what's going to be supporting me for 64 hours in eight days.

Next, the shopping. A big box.

A big box containing lots of stuff.

This is all for the winter/cheap/spare road bike - which may well be the spare bike for LEJOG. SRAM Rival groupset with carbon cranks. Oh, and some extra cables and puncture patches. The groupset was from Merlin, and the cables and patches from Wiggle. Of course, getting a package from Wiggle means only one thing.

Free Haribo (now eaten). Getting stuff free makes it like Christmas.


Pommers said...

Shiney bits and Haribo.... mmmmm :-)

Unknown said...

That's one of the advantages of bikes over running... far more opportunity for buying things. Of course, running has several advantages over bikes - I bet you can get out the house in under 15 minutes.