Sunday, 18 April 2010

It's General Election time, and I'm voting for...

...whoever promises a ban on road bike lycra in sizes larger than L (for men) or 16 (for women).

It's been a lovely day and I've been for a lovely ride - an 83 mile sportive with about 1000 people riding. A very small minority of these were on the larger size (nothing wrong with that, great to see people enjoying riding) and wearing tight lycra. Please don't, it offends my eyes. There is a lot of great looking "casual" cut bike wear - looser fitting tops, baggy shorts - that would mean that I don't have to have my mind imprinted with swathes of wobbly flesh looking like an overstuffed sausage sponsored by Sky or Saxo Bank. Quite frankly road bike kit looks pretty odd even on professional riders, but on the chunkier people it's a bit silly.

The event itself was excellent in almost every way. Beautiful countryside that I'd not really seen before, clear blue skies and spring sunshine, flapjack and swiss roll at the feed stops and some good team riding. I say some, because Dave managed to drop off Phill, Jon and I briefly, just enough to miss the clearly signposted turning and somehow start doing another lap of the course. We did 83 miles, he did about 95...

Note for LEJOG. Everyone needs a GPS.
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