Sunday 15 August 2010

The Quiver

Plans change, and due to an unavailable riding partner, who was doing the decent thing and looking after an expectant wife and small child, I didn't go to Afan. I did however do a 4 hour, "local" 70km ride on my full-sus mountain bike - the one that I tend to use for long days off-road. This (and the slight front wheel/slippy root/ouch incident) left me in need of a recovery ride today. The depressing drizzle of the past few days had lifted so I released the Orca from the underground vault where it lives, after first drugging the irate badger that guards it.

Recovery rides are strange things, to me at least. I have to ride a bike, and try not to put any effort at all into it. I'm rubbish at this but it does encourage me to do something that I'm equally rubbish at - looking at the scenery. I've cycled in some amazing places, from the Atlas Mountains to the Lofoten Islands in the Arctic Circle, from the mountain top villages of Croatia Bucklebury Common... and I barely remember any of it. Occasionally I'll stop and take in the drama and beauty but 95% of the time I'm staring at the tarmac/gravel/dirt/arse in front.

I digress.

So there I was, straddled across the graceful carbon fibre curves of the Orca, and I realised that this was my fifth bike of the week.
  • On Monday, I rode the commuter. Singlespeed, pig-ugly, rack and full mud guards. I actually rode this most days.
  • On Tuesday, the Scandal hardtail, for a couple of hours.
  • On Wednesday, the Scandal again. To work, then for a cheeky lunchtime blast, then home again.
  • On Thursday, the track bike. On the track at Southampton, its first proper outing.
  • On Friday. the Scandal again. I must be enjoying it. I also did a spin class, so that's almost another bike too.
  • On Saturday, the Marin full-sus.
  • On Sunday, the Orca road bike.
I now have a challenge - seven bikes, seven days. I'm such a saddle slut.


Pommers said...

So where do you keep them all then?!?!?! Apart from the spin bike, unless you've actually got one of those as well, that's a serious amount of hardware!

Unknown said...

In the secret underground vault, guarded by the badger! With lots of chains and locks and alarms.