Thursday 6 January 2011

Broken and bored

After a good lot of training last week, where I managed six sessions in four days, I broke.

My first breakage was possibly maybe caused by the two sessions on New Year's Eve - a strength session in the gym followed a couple of hours later by a hill climbing session on the singlespeed. Both of these stress the upper back and during the course of NYE my back/neck interface started to tighten and stiffen until I could barely move without crying like a kitten. A particularly pathetic kitten. This put an end to the three rides I had planned for the weekend.

My second breakage started about the same time with my throat getting dry and sore. This hasn't eased much (maybe a little) and has been joined by those friends of the sore throat; Feeling C. Rappy and Mr Blocke D'Nose. I manfully struggled into work Tuesday and Wednesday but woke this morning feeling more delicate than a Howies Natural Base Layer Light after a boil wash.

So, here I sit at home. The Singletrackworld forum is borked, I slept through the Ashes highlights and I've resorted to watching Alice In Wonderland.

That's a real incentive to get better.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bryan - How's it going?

Sorry to hear about your brokenness. It happens to the best of us, especially when we push to hard - which we all do!

Hope it is nothing too serious, and just your body crying out for some rest after a full-on 2010!

Take it easy!

Unknown said...

Oh, it's got considerably worse! I just haven't been up to writing about it...

I recovered from the virus and the back/neck thing just enough to go to the velodrome, where I was involved in a crash, breaking my collarbone in two places and bruising some ribs. I had surgery on the collarbone last Thursday - it was a bit of a jigsaw puzzle apparently - now I'm at home recovering. Oh, and the virus came back!

I've been meaning to comment on your last post - sounds awful for you - but not really felt up to it.