Saturday 18 February 2012

It's been a very bicycle day

After my slight bout of illness, I eased myself back into things with a couple of gentle turbo rides and a gym session, before taking bike and kit into work for a Thursday lunchtime outside spin class - or as most people would call it - a Thursday lunchtime bike ride.

I've also been doing some mild singlespeed pimping this week. I ordered a Middleburn Uno chainset for the 853 Inbred which somehow managed to arrive with a piece missing. It took me a while to notice but eventually my mechanical genius figured out that the chainring was never going to stay on the cranks without some kind of lockring to hold it on. Admittedly the threaded section without anything to thread onto it should have given it away earlier but I blame brain fade due to post-viral fuzziness.

An email to Chain Reaction Cycles got things sorted out, and generously the decided to send me a silver lockring (as it was in stock) to be followed by a black one (as that would match the chainset).

Both arrived today. Separate boxes.

So, today's activity has consisted of

  • Washing bike kit
  • Buying beer
  • Booking a massage
  • Two hours on the turbo (30mph winds and rain kept me in the garage)
  • Fitting the chainset, new chain and re-aligning brakes
  • Watching the Tour of Oman highlights
  • Watching the London Track World Cup (right now! On the BBC!)
  • Drinking beer (right now!)
Pretty bikey huh?

Tomorrow I've got another ride planned, some light shopping and maybe the Muppets movie.

Monday is massage day, with Osteo Liz (the Land's End - John O'Groats team masseuse). Giggling is almost certainly on the plan, screaming may well join it.

So... should I shave my legs for Monday? You know, just to make the massage easier. No other reason. Honest.

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