Sunday 18 August 2013

Cor, it's been a bit quiet on here

Wow, that was a bit of a break. For some reason the urge to write has been missing, and to tell you the truth I'm not really sure it's back. I've still been doing the same things but I don't feel the need to tell the world about them.

So, time to tell the world.

My last post was back in June, when I did a longest day ride. Since then I've done a few things that in previous years I'd have written about.
  • A long weekend training in the Pyrenees, with 42C heat, a couple of H.C. climbs, fabulous food, swimming in cycling shorts, the world's worst cheese and ham toastie, a kitten, a minor bonk riding up a climb that almost had me rolling over the edge whilst trying to eat a gel, an astonishing thunderstorm, discovering the secret tunnel in Heathrow terminal 5 and learning that my new bike shoes don't cause me immense pain whilst riding in hot weather. Which is nice.
  • Buying a new frame at a massive discount and turning it into a very posh "winter" road bike that's probably lighter than my summer road bike.
  • Doing some gentle early morning rides with a group from work, including a few newbies.
  • Nearly, nearly dropping Jon on a short climb. Except I didn't.
  • Training, lots and lots and lots of training.
So rather than writing, here are some images.

Bespoked, our hosts in France.
Bikes, poised.
Frame, naked.
Cake, unpurchased,
Dangerous Dave, our Pyrenees guide.
Lola the kitten, who turned out to be a boy.
Oh, I mentioned training. Two weeks to go until stage 1 of the Haute Route Pyrenees. Gulp.

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