Sunday 7 December 2008

Ode to the fairy

I'm off to the Lake District tomorrow for a Trail Cycle Leader course... I'm a bit excited, a bit nervous, but at least I'm packed.

I did a few rides in the past week. Saturday I went out with Darren to Reading (MTBs on the road) as he had to pick up an X-Box from work. He was a bit broken, still suffering from the after effects of a cold. Still, it makes a change from me being broken whilst riding with him.

Thursday morning I dragged myself up at 0630 and was out on the icy roads at 0645. I did an hour and three quarters before work - the first time I've done a ride of that length at that time. I felt pretty good, although as I stood in front of the bathroom mirror it took a real effort to not to stumble back to bed. Work was full of meetings, and without the glorious coffee bean and magic flapjack fairy I wouldn't have made it through the day.

Thank you magic flapjack fairy.

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