Friday 28 November 2008

Time for another post

Not really done much this week - Pie has been down with a rubbish cold so I've been trying not to exert myself too much in case I catch it. This was meant to be quite a hard week - about 11 hours of riding - but it's been mre about sitting watching TV and playing I-Spy on Facebook.

I did do something slightly different in the gym this morning - I've been roped into an indoor triathlon team, where I have to bike, row and cross-train for eight minutes per machine. The biggest difficulty is that my team mates have insisted on being in the "intermediate" category, which means that the machines are all set on level 6. In essence, this meant I was spinning at 130rpm on the bike to get any kind of power out. We were benchmarking today (there are prizes for most improved teams) so I guess I'll have to practice spinning on the turbo at 140rpm... I am the human hamster.

The rowing was the most pleasing part. I've not used the rower for a couple of years, yet I was still about to break the 2000m in 8 minutes target that I remember being a real stretch back then. I guess it means I have got fitter, without really realising it.

As I reward I went to Sainsbury's and bought a tin of celebrations, three different beers, two packets of ground coffee and a packet of prawns. I bet they don't get that combination very often.

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