Thursday 8 January 2009

11 down

Not a crossword reference, but to note that I've nearly finished series one on the 144EOBTVSTP, eleven episodes completed, one to go. Series two will be much harder, being a whole twenty-two!

So, I did the SPAM Winter Challenge this year, after missing the past three years through illness. It was super cold (-8C!) but not very frosty - shame because I'd packed my camera. The course was a bit dull, but I bimbled round on the singlespeed with Caroline. It was good to get out though, bit of a kick start after Christmas. There were a few icy, steep sections that I was pleased to get up, especially as several people were walking. There was also one icy, flat section that somehow put me on the ground, but we just won't mention that.

I went to the trouble of buying some overshoes so that my toes wouldn't resemble tiny frozen chipolatas. They certainly helped - feet were slightly cold, but I didn't lose feeling and I wasn't wracked with pain as they warmed up. I also bought a funny under-the-helmet hat that makes me look like I've had major skull surgery. I haven't.

This week has been a few turbo sessions, a gym session and a run. I should be out on a real bike tomorrow after work, which I'm looking forward to. The slight fly in the minty-arse-lard is that I'm off alcohol for January again, and the post-ride pint is the one I really really missed last year. I shall try to hold things together when we get to the pub...

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