Saturday 24 January 2009

I think I'm on drugs

It was quite chilly, and very icy underwheel. My concentration was divided between avioding the frozen sections, listening to MP3s and keeping a keen eye on the traffic. I did a route that I've done a couple of times, except this time a bit longer and a bit backwards.

So far, nothing interesting. However, when I got back after three and a half hours, I broke open my new Torq Recovery, Strawberries and Cream flavour. I've used other flavours of the recovery before when I was at the training camp in Spain, but I've never used them at home due to them tasting ever so slightly nasty. The new flavour is just on the right side of palettable so I invested in a tub, mainly to use at work after riding in. My usual recovery mix is Frijj milkshakes with ribose mixed in, but they don't sell them at work and I'd rather not carry one in each day. The Torq powder can be stored at work for use when needed, so problem solved.

After a longish ride I'm normally a little tired - an hour dozing on the sofa whilst listening to the football is fairly standard - so I put on some Sigur Ros, pulled a fleecy blanket over myself and settled down... to nothing. I was wide awake. No sleepiness, no lethargy. Only a feeling of being full of energy, which has lasted to, well, 20:41 so far. Is it the Torq stuff? We'll see, but given that it contains lots of stuff I've never heard of (L-glutamine, HMB) I'm pretty sure that it must be.

Of course, I may crash asleep in the next 5 minutes..............zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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