Friday 13 February 2009

Recovery eating?

This week has been a "recovery" week, the theory being that by spending a few weeks training hard and then doing much less for a week, the much less week will be spent getting fitter. Got that? I'm no sports scientist, but I know one and I've bought a book, so it must be true.

Now, as it's been a week recovering from all the exercise, I guess it also needs to be a week recovering from all the heathy eating. I'm not talking a total pie-fest here, getting twatted every night and breakfasting on jelly, but more of a relaxation of the monk-like diet I usually follow (assuming that the monk eats lots of fresh stuff, enjoys a nice bit o' pasta and doesn't hit the mead or buckfast too often).

Saturday involved a lot of cooking, star of which was another batch of muffins (the best ones yet) and a Chocolate Raspberry and Apple Betty. Now, this may sound like some kind of obscure East German sex fetish, but in reality it's merely something that's a bit like a crumble but with a different topping that has 85% chocolate in it. The good thing about a Betty is that there are at least six portions in it (8 for normal people) and it goes great with ice cream.

Ah, the ice cream. Bit of a defect there. It looks like Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie, it's cold like B&JsCFB, it sort of even tastes like B&JsCFB, but it isn't ice cream. It's frozen yoghurt ("I call it froghurt"). There's nothing intrinsically wrong with froghurt, but it just doesn't seem right. I think it's because I didn't choose to buy it, it was a genuine mistake. It may be lower fat and better for me, but hell, this is a recovery week!

So, be warned. There are things out there that are not as they seem, masquerading as something familiar. I give you froghurt, the ladyboy of the dessert world.

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