Saturday 21 February 2009

Roadkill Saturday

One of the aspects of cycling around here is the amount of roadkill that you see. I tend to ride on quiet country roads that seem to attract wildlife, and that wildlife is sometimes a little unlucky. The odd thing that I've noticed is that there tends to be trends in the dead things. One week lots of bunnies, the next lots of deer. This week was badger week. I spotted five of the poor unfortunates on my ride (130km - did I mention that? That's 82 miles, give or take). Given that I've only ever seen two live badgers there can't be that many around so there must be some explanation. Is this the week they all come out after the winter? Are they particularly depressed because of a lack of valentine cards?

It has been almost spring-like this week - sunshine, blue skies, no rain. This did lead me to assume that sunshine meant warmth and I nearly froze my arms off by riding home sleeveless on Friday. Durrr.....

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