Monday 13 April 2009

The hard stuff

There are nine weeks to go before my first "important" event, the Dragon Ride. This is a 117 mile road event in South Wales, so there are a few hills in it too. 3000 metres of climbing, I think that's a lot.

Anyway, this is where my training has to step up a bit and build in a bit more intensity. Up until now it's been mainly riding slowly for a long time, which I'm quite good at. I don't really mind the affects of this as it's just fatigue rather than pain ("No-one ever died of tired legs"). Now I have to do things like riding like a crazy man for a minute, resting for a minute, riding like a crazy man for a minute, resting for a minute.... you get the idea.

This causes pain. Burning leg, one-more-of-those-and-I'll-vomit, please-make-it-stop pain. Also, the most effective place for doing these is on an indoor trainer, so I'm going to be back in the garage again.


Week one of this training begins today. On my plan, Monday is a rest day. Today is Monday.

Always begin a hard training block with a rest day.

Right, off for a gentle spin in the sunshine.

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