Friday 17 April 2009

Memory lapse

I'm sure there was something I was going to post here, but I seem to have forgotten....


OK, remembered now. The 144EOBTVSTP has been a bit disrupted by a load of riding bike outside, in the real world. Well, the move to more intense training has given me the chance to continue with it, due to the turbo being very good for doing intervals on. Oh, and there has been a bit of rain too.

Anyway, today I finished series two - so thats 34 episodes completed. The final episode of series two is the one where Spike mentions liking dog racing and Manchester United, in an ever-so-slightly-dodgy English accent. Still, his is better than my American accent.

Back outside tomorrow, long road ride. Maybe I need some kind of TV screen built into my sunglasses that can link up to an MPEG4 player, so 144EOBTVSTP can continue in the open air.

Anyone from Oakley reading?

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