Friday 12 June 2009

Big Sunday

So it's Friday now, two days before the event I've been training for, for five months. The Dragon Ride (I think it deserves capitalisation).

I first posted about it in October 2008, and oddly also mentioned the Orbea Orca in the same post. Well, I've bought the Orca, I just need to complete the event.

I entered in December, and I guess that was when I started to put together (and follow) my training plan. Thinking back there were a lot of early mornings, overshoes, merino, softshell, lights and MP3s involved. I did miles and miles on the Scandal, on the road. As the weather got better and the roads less scary, I did miles and miles on the Allez, on the road.

Six hour solo road rides became "normal".

I'm going to type that again.

Six hour solo road rides became normal.

Next came the hills, and the weekly trips to the Cotswolds to ride with Jon. I was there so often that I'm almost "Unkie Bryan" to his 1-year old, Thomas. When I started going, he was crawling. Now he's running. There's also been a lot of Jem's flapjack consumed (thanks Jem!). Oh, and chocolate biscuit fridge cake. Brilliant cakes.

Looking at my training diary, in the past 6 months I've done:

_________________Total____Week avg.
Training sessions______160________6.2
Duration___________251:14______09:39 hh:mm
Calories___________147888______5688 kcal
Distance____________4912______188.9 km

Holy crap. That's a lot of hours, calories and kilometres. That's more than I drive. Hang on a sec...

There are 9kcals in a gram of fat. That makes... over 16kg of fat burnt.

Wow. Without all the riding I'd be a bloater.

So, roll on Sunday. Fingers crossed. It's just another long road ride, this time in Wales. Should be fun.

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