Thursday 4 June 2009

Itchy, itchy (with picture)

Went over to Snelsmore Common for an impromptu birthday party/BBQ/picnic on Tuesday evening. It's been a great English summer week - hot in the day, warm in the evenings and light til about 930pm. Now I usually blast over Snelsmore on a mountain bike, so it was good to hang out, eat burnt things and play volleyball/frisbee/rugby/whatever.

Now, from about 8pm something was eating me. Not in a "mental itch" kind of way, more of a "there are things chewing on me" kind of way. However, they were tiny, tiny things. Not visible to the eye in the half-light, just felt as they chowed down on me. Still, they were tiny, tiny things. How bad could it be?

My left leg has about 35 bites on it. Below the knee. About 10 more above the knee. My right leg has joined in. My arms only have about 8 bites each. My head, just 3 or 4.

I'm on a pint of Anthisan rubbed in every hour. Zirtec, taken daily. And I'm wearing boxing gloves to prevent too much scratching.

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