Sunday 27 December 2009

It's on - Lands End to John O'Groats

Or, LEJOG for short.

We've finally agreed the dates - 6th May til 16th May. 8 Days riding. 950ish miles (depending on the route). Four confirmed riders (myself, Darren, Phill, Jon), three support crew (Tim, Lynne, Becky).

I have some slightly strange feelings about it.
  • It doesn't seem that difficult. Only 120 miles a day for eight days. How hard can it be?
  • It doesn't seem that impressive. Loads of people do it.
  • I'm not that inspired, yet. I'm sure that'll come. I was more inspired by the thought of the Dragon Ride last year, and that was only one lot of 119 miles.
I think what's happened is that a bit of complacency has set in. It's just like doing the Dragon Ride eight days in a row.


From what I've read, recovery is the key. That's OK, because I'm rubbish at sleeping, especially after a big bike ride. Lets look at what the pros do:
  • Get off bike, get recovery drink shoved into them. I can do this, I can drink recovery drink
  • Get driven to their hotel. Ah, we'll be camping.
  • Massage. Anyone want to come along to massage me? (Note, must be female)
  • Team doctors, who have been known to help with "special" treatments. Um, I'll pack some ibuprofen
  • Recovery tights. That's OK, it involves buying stuff. I've already got a pair of these
  • A nutritionally balanced diet. We'll have pasta, Torq bars and beer.
So, pretty close then. We'll probably end up doing it quicker I reckon.

One final question - is this worth getting sponsored for? You see, I'm doing it anyway, for fun. In my view something sponsored should not be fun. Opinions?

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