Friday 4 December 2009

Week One

It's Friday, coming to the end of training week one. It's been mixed.

Plan - Gym session, strength training
Actual - Went to London for meeting, drank beer afterwards

Plan - 1:30 Zone 2
Actual - 1:00 Zone 2, on the Turbo, watching BBC Breakfast. Joe Bonamassa gig, Subway footlong for tea.

Plan - 1oK run
Actual - 11K run. Ow. Hurty. Was stumbling around the house afterwards, and had to wear my Skins recovery leg things.

Plan - 1:30 Zone 2
Actual - 1:00 Zone 2 on the Turbo, cider and black, snakebite and black, Corona x 3, Bud x 1, tequila x 1. Work Christmas party that was.

Plan - Gym strength session, 1:30 singlespeed ride
Actual - Hangover, coffee, diet coke, spicy sausage pasta, 1:15 very muddy singlespeed ride/trudge.

I think that the actuals are more fun than the plan.

I need a better plan.


trio said...

Not to far from the plan you should be pleased with yourself!

Unknown said...

Yeah, hopefully next week will be even closer!