Thursday 29 March 2012

I've gone and done it now

That's it. No turning back. It's all arranged.

Today, the last pieces in the Haute Route puzzle fell into place with the booking of a flight into Geneva and out of Nice. You may notice that leaves a slight gap (of oh, about 780km) between my entry airport and my exit airport. There are also some mountains in the way.

Ah well, I'd better take a bike with me.

A few days ago I also posted off a form declaring me fit to ride, and another one listing previous injuries and ailments. Somewhat disconcertingly it asked for next of kin, blood group and hospital bedding preferences. Obviously I put down "duvet". I hate blankets.

I've got some new wheels. Some new pedals in the post. Three tubs of minty arse lard. I've filled out the food questionnaire for the event ("What would you like for breakfast?" "Kedgeree, chocolate twists and mead") and even done a little training.

Shame it's still 5 months away. I like to be prepared. Look, I've even washed my bottles.

On other fronts, I'm enjoying all the sunshine we're having and even ventured out on a mountain bike last weekend. My three month absence from the dirt showed its impact within the first half mile off road. "Numpty" would be a good description of my riding until I'd remembered that you have to move your body around a little more, and pay attention to where you are going a lot more. There's a slight possibility I might do it again this weekend, if I can fit it in between another threshold test and watching the Tour of Flanders.

Better get some Belgian beer in.

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