Tuesday 15 January 2013

Peer Pressure

Most of the messages here are paraphrased to protect terrible spelling and grammar. The sentiment behind the messages remains. My inner thoughts [are written like this].

Ride minus 5 days, text messages.

Me to J: Hey, fancy a ride soon? It's been ages!
J to me: Sure, I was thinking the same. How about an MTB ride? Or I've got a hard 100km road route? I'm not in great shape though.

[J's not in great shape? Fantastic, I might be slightly faster than him. You never know. Still, don't want him to realise that my training's been going pretty well]

Me to J: Either, but our trails are underwater. How is it your way? Hard road ride would be fine, but I'm not in fantastic shape either. Saturday would work. I can ask D if he's interested too.

J to Me: Should be OK to do an early ride Saturday. Will confirm later.

Ride minus 3 days, more text messages.

[I'm currently thinking of a road ride. Still a bit nervous riding off road with J, he's a bit good and I'll probably crash and break myself again. Let's see if I can talk D into coming along.]

Me to D: Might be doing a ride with J on Saturday, early. Leave here 8am, ride 9-1pm, 100km or so?

D to Me: Sounds good, will check.

Ride minus 2 days, email exchange.

[The weather has turned cold and the forecast isn't promising. I'll float the thought of not going out]

Me to D & J: Link to weather forecast. 1C and moderate rain/snow. I don't fancy 4 hours in that.

J: Me neither, but I'll be out doing something. It'll be fine once we're out.

[Bugger, he's not gone for it. Arse. Better put on a brave face]

Me: Are you trying to out badass me? OK, take a view tomorrow.

D: Mountain Bike!

[Oh no, he's still interested and has made a sensible suggestion. I really am going to get injured.]

J: Cool, lots of stuff we can do that drains OK. See you 9am.


Ride minus 1 day, text messages and an actual phone call

[The weather forecast hasn't got any better. Let's see if D is still interested...]

Me to D: What's the plan then?

[No response, maybe he's thinking better of it]

Call from J: Still coming then? I'll be great, we've got proper clothing, stop being such a big wuss.
Me: ....ummmm.... OK. Don't make it too hard or technical. You know, sensible. Nasty weather forecast, add some bail out options. And some coffee stop options too. And pub options. We don't have to go far. Actually, we could just come round for cake...
J: Yeah, brilliant, 4 hours or so of hard MTB, fantastic, brutal, Belgian!


[Finally, an answer from D]

D to Me: Hmm, not sure. Bit scared :-)

[Hurrah! I might be able to build on this excuse. I don't want to appear weak though]

Me to D: It was your idea to mountain bike! Are you wimping out? Told J not to make it too technical.

[Hang on, am I trying to talk him into coming?]

D to Me: Not sure, have you seen the weather forecast?

Me to D: My forecast says 3C and a possibility of rain. Windy. I'm still thinking of going but I won't think less of you if you don't.

[Although I may use it as an excuse not to go as well!]

Me to J: We may have a D wimping out situation...

J to Me: Pah! You?

[Can't wimp out before D, but better leave myself an excuse hanging]

Me to J: Well, my kit is ready. Unless it's shocking in the morning I'm still on. Unless you want to give it a miss...

J to Me: No way, just gotta crack on! Will be fun.


D to Me: OK, I'll come. See you in the morning.

[Oh well.... I tried]

Ride Day

Everyone turns up. We ride MTBs for close to four hours in the cold, wind and rain. No-one falls off, we all kinda have fun.

That's mutual peer pressure for you.

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