Saturday 14 March 2009

Post camp analysis

I've been back from the Torq training camp for a couple of days now, so I thought I'd better jot some stuff down before I forgot it.

  1. Great bunch of people. A really good mix, so it was easy to ride and chat, or sit and chat with someone.
  2. Superb weather. After last year I had packed thermal base layers, waterproofs, winter boots, merino socks. I just didn't need them. A couple of mornings were chilly enough to need the gillet, arm and leg warmers, but soon it was down to minimum lycra.
  3. I'm either fitter than last year or everyone else is slower. I was back of the pack last time, upper-mid-table obscurity this time.
  4. It's hard to consume 17,308 kcals of Torq products in a week.
  5. "German Night" consists of grilled meat, sausages, cabbage and 80s heavy metal.
  6. I still can't get up that short steep technical climb, but I'm much faster up the long rocky one. I reckon I could do it in middle ring next time.
  7. Funniest event of the week - little dog savaging Anth's shoe, then tearing around the garden pursued by the slightly bigger dog.
  8. Matt still doesn't know the way back from Ojen, off-road.
  9. I'm allergic to those caterpillars.

So, in summary, a great week. If only I could stay out there... or at least be paid to be a full-time athlete.

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