Wednesday 4 March 2009

That's a lot of calories

I'm off to Spain tomorrow with Darren for the Torq training camp. This will involve riding 6-7 hours a day, slowly, with other people who are much fitter than I am. Hopefully, it'll be warm and sunny but given that the past two times I've been there rain has featured heavily (and attempted hypothermia the second time) I'm not too expectant.

Everything is now packed - it's generally a three day operation for me to get everything ready for a bike trip. This year all the energy products have been sent out beforehand rather than being flown in by Matt and the Torq crew.

I therefore have:

24 energy bars, 222 kcals each = 5228 kcals
20 energy gels, 180 kcals each = 3600 kcals
1 kg of recovery drink = 3500 kcals
1.5kg of energy drink = 5475 kcals

Making a grand total of 17803 kcals. That's just over 7 days worth of normal food intake. Now, I'm only going for 7 days, plus there will be all the normal food thrown in too. Brilliant! And beer. And wine. But I must remember to lay off the cheese, for cheese is evil according to Matt.

Darren also has the same amount. If the plane crashes in a "Lost" style manner, we'll be fine for a couple of weeks. Somewhat buzzy from all the sugar, but fine.

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