Wednesday 13 May 2009


I was broken by Jon on Saturday - we did a 133km route in the Cotswolds that included lots of climbs - every time we went round a corner Jon seemed to remember another one. The brokeness was entirely my fault though, as it came down to me running out of energy.

It was all a bit odd - I could ride at a certain power, but anything more and my legs just didn't want to respond. Nothing there. Nada. Niet. Non. It was like my rev limiter had been turned down from 164 to 140. What was probably happening was that I'd burnt my stored glycogen, was processing just about enough for me to burn fat, and hence I could only ride at a pace which didn't need more than my fat burning power. Or something.

Anyway, I think I'd become a bit dismissive of 6 hour road rides, and I'd had a hard week of intervals without really eating enough. The Friday I'd been up early for some hard 2 min on, 2 min off intervals, then I'd done a couple of hours in the evening. I also didn't eat until 10.30 at night, so I wouldn't have been able to process and store the food in time for the morning.

Moral of this story. Eat and drink more, don't underestimate 6 hour road rides.

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