Sunday 3 May 2009

New bike

There was no other title I could use for this post really - I have a new bike. A new road bike. A new 16.4lb carbon road bike. A new 16.4lb Orbea Orca. I feel like I've just become a father!

Actually, no, not true. I haven't once had to get up in the night to feed/change/comfort my bundle of joy. I may have sneakly snuck out of the bedroom to look at the bundle of joy, but that was entirely a voluntary matter. Thinking a little, compared to a baby it's:

  • Cheaper (certainly long term although the initial investment was fairly scary)

  • Quiter (whirr of the chain versus screams, crying)

  • Cleaner (it's not going to be going out in the winter!)

  • Less smelly (it's not going to be ridden through any pig farms)

  • Prettier (well, in my opinion, and in the opinion of anyone who's seen it)

  • Easier to care for (bit of lube, lives in the study)

So, the first of the baby pictures...

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