Monday 25 May 2009

Start of the tan

It's there if I look really, really carefully. A slight line, a division between under-the-jersey and under-the-sun. Cycling jerseys are great for tan lines as they grip the upper arm. There's none of this namby-pamby gradual fade, just palid cave dweller to Californian beach lobster.

The ride was one of the better ones - 102 miles or so, 6 hours ride time, 2190m of climbing. Jon dropped me on one (or three) of the climbs but my daredevil descending reeled him back. It just happened to coincide with him slowing down.

I'm not really sure what to do now, long ride wise. Next Saturday I've only got time for four hours or so, so maybe a whole bunch of big long hill repeats? Then two more weeks and it's the Dragon Ride itself. I've done very well on the eating and drinking this weekend so I should have plenty to burn.

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