Sunday 10 January 2010

OK, I admit it, my previous snow rides were a bit wussy

Just because there is an inch of white on the ground it doesn't really make it a snow ride. It's not that different to riding on hard packed ground, or frozen mud. Just a little colder, a little prettier.

Yesterday was my first real snow ride. Yesterday we trudged. We pushed. We slipped, washed out, carved fresh lines through six inches of powder and re-broke the frozen crust where walkers had been previously. We stopped frequently to readjust layers, change tyre pressures, take photos. There was frustration, humour, determination, and above all, there was lots and lots of snow.

I learnt a few things
  • Fresh snow is easier to ride on than trampled snow.
  • Trees fall (or bend) down a lot in the snow, and block the trail.
  • No, you're never going to make it up that hill in these conditions on a singlespeed.
  • Road is more dangerous than off road. I fell twice on the way to the start of the ride.
  • Hot dogs taste great after three and a half hours of cold.
Thing is though, I'm kind of bored of the snow and ice now. Can I have some tarmac back so I can do some reasonable training on the road. Pretty please?

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