Friday 12 February 2010

The LEJOG team (so far...)

It started with a couple of riders and a couple of supporters. It's got a bit bigger since then.

The riders.
  • Me. 39, reasonable shape, better at endurance than speed. Sexiest bike. That's what really counts.
  • Darren. Can be very very quick on a mountain bike. 3rd at 2009 Enduro6. He won a £10 Wiggle voucher.
  • Jon. Weighs about 7kgs, VO2 max in the "Olympian" range. Annoyingly good without much training.
  • Phill. Loads of power, my plan is to sit behind him for all the flat bits. Once rode from Cornwall to Andover to save on petrol.
  • Dave (maybe). Works with Darren, I've met (and ridden with him) a few times. Experienced adventure racer, I get the impression he can tolerate a lot of suffering.
The crew.
  • Tim. Driver, planner, cooker, navigator, tent putter-upper, mechanic. Brilliant at crashing bikes in very funny circumstances.
  • Lynne, as for Tim but without the mechanic and slight more crazy. Patches up Tim. Crashes less.
  • Becky. General assistant and maker of great cakes. Darrens GF. Can ride a bit too.
  • Liz. Osteopath/masseuese/medical support. She'll mend us when we are broken.
  • Dave. Chief photographer and occasional golfer.
The probable visitors.
  • Jem, married to Jon and also maker of great cakes.
  • Shorty, a smaller version of Jem and Jon.
The plan.
  • 8 days riding, about 120 miles a day.
  • Eat, eat and eat more.
  • Visit some interesting places along the way.
  • Find the best coffee between LE and JOG.
  • Have fun, fun fun.
  • Maybe even raise some money.
Any questions?

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