Thursday 25 February 2010

The Spain Dilemma (I just had to ask Pie how to spell that)

I'm soon going to Spain to do the Saddle Skedaddle Trans Andaluz MTB trip. Now, I've done lots of these trips (Norway, Sardinia, French/Italian Alps, Croatia, Morroco, Lake Garda) and a couple of training camps in Southern Spain so you think I'd have things pretty well sorted from the "what to take" point of view.


And no.

In the old days it was baggy shorts an cheapish wicking T-shirt style tops. However, since doing the training camps, a bit of racing and lots of road riding I'm in a state of confusion. I've now discovered the comfort of lycra bib-shorts and super-tight roadie jerseys - function over what passes in the MTB world as "style". I do own several pairs of baggies but none of them even come close to the comfort of the bibs.

If I go with the lycra look, will the other people on the trip point and laugh? Will they shun me and joke about leg shaving and EPO? Will they mock my spindly tyranasaurus rex like arms (slight boast - they are not as spindly as they were last year)?

Bah. I think I need to go shopping.

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