Friday 5 February 2010

Saved by the Gel

Yesterday I ate a doughnut. A delicious handful of carbs, fat and jam (jam is a food group, I think).

That doughnut was a good doughnut. The doughnut I had at 5pm, a delicious handful of carbs, fat and custard (custard is also a food group) was not a good doughnut.

Bad doughnut.

I went for a ride at about 5:30. At 5:52, 22 minutes into the ride, my blood sugar dropped due to the dump of insulin that had been released into my system to deal with the sudden influx of carbs, fat and custard. I was dizzy, wobbling all over the road and starting to travel really, really slowly.

Bad, bad doughnut.

I had a gel with me though, a delicious sachet of maltodextrin and fructose, black cherry yogurt flavoured and supplied by Torq. I fumbled, I bit, I tore and I sucked. Mmmmmm.... maltodextrin.

Within five minutes I was starting to see properly again. Within ten, I was no longer wobbling and no longer dizzy. Thank you gel. I sped up, I rode at a decent training speed. I discovered that at a moderate pace a single Torq gel will last me about an hour.

I know this because I rode for about an hour more... and ten minutes.


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