Friday 11 February 2011

A day in the life of a broken person

I've been struggling to think of what to write about, simply because I've not been doing anything interesting. So I thought I'd tell you about my current routine. It's not very interesting either.

3am. Get up and wander round the house. Given that I have to sleep flat on my back, and I'm a natural wriggler in bed (insert joke here), I tend to seize up after a couple of hours. So when I wake up with various back and rib pains the only cure is getting up and doing something else. I find that "Gems TV" has the best overnight entertainment.

6am. Wake up again. Try and doze for a while before giving in and gettin up. Fire up the Gaggia.

7am. Wave hello to Elaine as she gets up. Plan day. First item on the list is always "write a list".

9am. Spend 10 minutes getting ready to go out. I'm fairly limited in what I can wear so I'm making use of all those MuuMuus I've collected over the years. They're practical and scare the local scroats away. I'll then stroll to the shops, waving at all the cheery people who greet me with shouts of "freak", "mentalist" and "tent-boy".

10am. Log onto work, see if anything interesting has happened. Fire of a couple of emails. Settle down for some solid, productive activity.

1010am. Quick check of Singletrack. Just in case there's anything I can contribute to. Add my thoughts to a discussion on best rock tambourine players.

12pm. Eurosport. Tour of Qatar. I really should time being broken with one of the big bike races.

1pm. Lunch. Squirty cream on garibaldi biscuits. I've got to watch what I'm eating at the moment.

Afternoon. Post-lunch nap, the odd work email, episodes of ER, Angel and Britain's Worst Drain Engineers. I've got the box sets of them all.

Evening. Elaine comes home so I wander aimlessly around the house complaining about how bored and restless I am. Watch her cook tea, try and "help", get sent back to the sofa for my own safety. Eat slumped backwards on cushions, dribble food down my front. I really need some bibs.

Later evening. More internet browsing, shopping. Wipe up spilt food.

Midnight. Bedtime. Need my sleep, another exciting day ahead!

Repeat for 4 weeks....

(I'm slightly more active now... physio has given the go ahead to try using the turbo trainer too. Fingers crossed!)

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