Wednesday 23 February 2011

Ricotta Legs

After mentioning in my last post that my leg muscles have been replaced by cheese I can now conclude, after a week of turbo trainer sessions, that the cheese is ricotta.

My mid-range turbo gives an indication of the power that I'm generating. I doubt it's accurate but it's useful as a comparison tool.

In early January, my "endurance" zone (i.e. what I could keep doing for a 12 hour race) was about 150-185 watts. This is pretty normal for that time of year. When I'm in shape, for example before the LEJOG, it was about 170-210 watts. About mid-Feb I'd expect it to be about 160-200 watts.

It's currently about 150-165 watts. I think the solar panel on my 80's Casio calculator can generate more.

My threshold power is even more pathetic. I'd expect maybe 260 watts now, rising to about 290-300 when in shape. Now - 190w. I have a power band narrower than a BNP member's mind.

Still, plenty of room to improve and at least I'm back on the turbo.

I'm aiming for mozzarella next.

(Two weeks to go before fracture clinic check up.... I might, just might, be slingless after that!)

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