Wednesday 2 February 2011


I must be feeling better. I want to do things.

Mainly internet window shopping. This has an advantage over traditional window shopping, as the range of things I can window shop for is much wider and there is less of that tedious walking around. It also has a disadvantage, as I think I'm mentally ignoring price tags. So far I have shopped for:
  • A new car. I figure that I won't be doing any mountain biking this year so I can throw all practical considerations out the equation. So long as I can get a road bike in it that's fine. I think that might rule out a Caterham or an Aerial Atom but not much else. Plus, I don't do any miles, I'm a low insurance risk and I don't need to carry people in great quantity.
  • Another watch. You know, as a present to myself for, um, passing a certain age and being broken. I also received a watch box for Christmas that has twelve empty slots so that's pretty convincing evidence for having to buy more watches. Hey, I didn't buy the box, it was clearly a hint to buy more watches. Clearly. Would be crazy not to.
  • Something to help my recovery. I discovered I can upgrade my turbo trainer to a virtual reality one where I can race against strangers on the internet. I hear doing things with strangers on the internet is really in right now.
  • Something else to help my recovery. How can I understand if I'm improving without having a Powertap wheel? Vital. I think the consultant mentioned that I should get one, whilst I was coming round from the operation.
So I clearly need a Porsche, a big watch, expensive bike bits and to do things with strangers on the internet.

What's that? Mid-life what? No....


Rob Lees said...

Hmmmm, a wifi wheel...brings us closer to the Dark Star/Hitchhikers Guide world of having to manage the emotions of your kitchen appliances as part of your day job.

Pretty soon we'll be approaching a partiularly tricky piece of singletrack and the rear shock will demand automatic Java updates before cushioning the impact.

...actually it's already happened to me. Test drove a car last year and the firat thing that happened when I turned it on was a message on the display asking me to set date and time!

Unknown said...

I reckon auto-lockout triggered by gps is possible... auto-gear shifting? Already have electronic shifting on road bikes, just need to monitor torque and cadence and trigger the shifts based on some tunable parameters...