Tuesday 28 February 2012

Missing workouts

I have a slightly different workday planned - one that means I don't need to leave the house until 9am. It also means I won't be getting in until about 6.30pm (I know.. for lots of people that's early, but compared to my usual 5.15pm it's late! Remember, "work to live, don't live to work"). Anyway, my plan to account for this change of schedule was to do my training ride before work, rather than my usual early evening slot.

I sorted out my kit. I checked I knew what intervals I had to do. The bike was ready. The alarm was set.

Then around 5am I got up for a piss. Legs a little stiff. I'll need to warm up well.

Dozing post-piss, my legs were definitely sore from yesterdays weights session.

Overtraining is bad. I don't want to overtrain.

Getting in a 6.30pm isn't that bad.

If I eat later in the evening, it stops me snacking after dinner.

That alarm is awfully close. I could just reach over and wind it forward half an hour or so. That's half an hour of extra recovery! Recovery is good! That's when I get fitter!

So here I am, extra rested, with an hour to go before I have to leave the house. What else can I do...?



Pommers said...

Been there - done that! :-) Whoever invented snooze on alarm clocks clearly wasn't an early morning activity person.
Now what you really need is a front door switch-off, or a walking down the garden path motion sensors to make sure you're out before really piling on the alarm volume!
There's a market for it....

Unknown said...

Oh, I can be fully awake, and go and reset the alarm before it goes off before shamefully crawling back under the duvet. Glad it's not just me though!