Friday 7 November 2008

Can you believe it, I've hurt my other shoulder

Not badly, but annoyingly. I was doing some lying on back arm weight things to strengthen the shoulders, and there was this slightly disturbing tearing noise from my left shoulder (the good one). I kind of dropped the dumbell at that point, but I think there's a bit of damage, maybe the rotator cuff. The physio was always mentioning the rotator cuff, so I'm sure it's that. Sounds about right. Anyway, it's not terrible, just a bit annoying at the moment.

I've now got a list of events to do next year, which means that I could spend a bit more time on the training plan. There are a couple of things in mid June which I'd like to be in good shape for, so that works back to base training from January. Up til then I'll do a few more weeks of base and then a bit of build in time for the start of the Gorricks (XC races).

I'll in the Azores this week - an actual holiday, somewhere warm! No idea what we'll be doing, I've heard there are some whales around there but given our less than impressive record on the whale watching front I'm not holding my breath.

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