Sunday 2 November 2008

Forget Ghostbusters

Audioslave is the thing for turbo training. I watched the live in Cuba DVD today - 30 mins of zone 2 (bit of warm up), 50 mins of zone 3, and the last song of the concert, Cochise, wound me up to 5 mins at threshold (that's where it starts to get a bit hurty).

I then calmed down, back to zone 2, and watched the documentary about the trip to Cuba. And whaddya know, it even had mountain biking in it - the bass player was riding over various historic monuments and jumping off of things. Perfect. All in all, a good session after another week disrupted by illness and weather.

I managed to get out Friday night for the Halloween ride, which was a lot of fun. I rode the whole thing with a rubber skeleton mask on, which interferred slightly with the breathing but was just about manageable. Singlespeeded too. We went to Combe Gibbet, which is the highest point in the area, and the site of the hanging of a couple of adulterers. Didn't see any ghosts though.

Right, I'm off to browse Amazon for some more music DVDs.

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