Friday 18 September 2009

Day 2

Last night we ate at the slightly better buffet place - the food is surprisingly good, mid-range Vegas casino level. By this time we had set off, so there was definitiely a rolling of the boat that made you feel like you'd drunk eight pints, before you'd drunk anything. After eating we went to a quiz, where one team managed to win with 520 points out of a possible 490. I don't think the team marking their paper would have done well at arithmetic. We'd missed the Opening Night Spectacular Extravaganza, so we went up to the casino.

One worry with casinos is the subject of minimum bets. We're careful with our better so we'll often trawl casinos looking for the lowest minimums, in order to minimise our potential losses. On the boat this wasn't an issue - £2 minimums felt low, even to us. We played for about two ours, and managed to erode our pooled stake money from £100 down to £4. Still, we were having a good time, chatting to some pleasant people (some of whom were under 40!). Then gradually we started to bring the money back in. At 12:25am I suggested to Chris that we stopped at 1am (unless we lost everything sooner) then with a spectacular run of luck we found ourselves almost back even at 12:30am. Chris was getting tired by this point and the luck probably wouldn't continue, so we quit with an overall loss for the night of £8.50!

This morning consisted of a heathly breakfast, followed by the gym, followed by food, followed by lazing in the sun/shade and reading. I could get used to this.

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