Sunday 6 September 2009

Riding, Cleaning, Planning

Riding - A return of the traditional Friday Ride, after work with whoever turns up. There was me, Caroline, Dave Martin and Robin (who I've not seen for months). Navigation was by hive-mind, I learnt some new trails in my locals woods, and we had a great time. Oh, possible new favourite post-ride pub - good local beer, Mini Cheddars for the Mini Cheddar eater.

Cleaning - The Orca, ahead of sportive next Sunday. First time I've washed it, and I washed it very carefully. Super shiny now.

Planning - Two things I suppose: booked on a trip for next year (dependent on numbers - quite likely it won't happen), and I've subscribed to the premium edition of Training Peaks. So far, so good - some good features and I've not found anything I want to do with it that it doesn't do.

That is all.

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