Saturday 26 September 2009

The swing of things

We're now well into the second week, and I think we've adjusted now. We've had no more incidents of nausea, although one day the Captain did warn everyone it was going to get bad - but either we'd adapted to the movement or nothing happened. The past few days we have

- Won three quizes, two of them the big evening showpiece ones. Free meals (in the restaurants, as the buffet is free anyway) and cocktails all round. I think we are going to retire from these, it's getting embarrassing.
- Held our own at blackjack, retreating a bit from where we were, but we are still reasonably well up.
- Visited Carthage (cool) and Sidi Bou Said (touristy).
- Guided ourselves around Rome, much better than a tour.
- Played bingo about 435 times, or so it seems. We've got our own dabbers, it seems a shame not to use them.
- I've read four books now, three of them in three days.
- Used the gym a couple of times.
- Eaten waaaaaay too much.
- Discovered the cocktail bar.

Today Elaine and I are doing a "Taste of Italy" cookery day. I think October will be characterised by

- Not eating much
- Exercising like a bastard

Bring it on.

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