Friday 8 April 2011

Hello bike!

Well, that's what the sign said.

I was out for an after-work ride with Jon. Well, that's who I was expecting. Imagine my surprise to find that Andy Schleck had turned up in his place. Weighing 52kgs and putting out 500 watts there was no way I was keeping up. Especially with that motor in his bike too. I managed to cling on to his back wheel on the flat bits and downhill bits, but whenever there was the slightest uphill he dropped me like a red hot hedgehog. Obviously my hard training week had taken things out of me a little, plus my brakes were rubbing. And I'd ridden 80 miles before meeting him. Oh, and I was just recovering from a virus. With two flat tyres.

It was either that, or Jon has been training quite hard. Bastard.

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