Monday 18 April 2011

Personal Training Camp Days 4 and 5

Failure. Failure to do the planned 400km/16 hours. The total was about 12 and a half hours, 320km. Not bad, but not great.

Still, I've learnt a couple of things.
  • In the middle of a personal training camp, on the designated "rest day", don't do a set of power intervals and then get taken out by Jon to be "manned up"
  • After being "manned up", the most likely result for the next day will be a bimbling recovery ride, at a pace that a unicycling rhino would call slow
  • Pro-cyclists, on a pro-cyclist training camp, probably don't have to go down the tip
  • It's highly unlikely that they'll go shopping for socks in Winchester either, and end up buying expensive handbag presents
  • And don't get me started on the temptations of hot pastie sellers and free samples in the posh chocolate shop. They don't sell many pasties in Lanzarote.
Essentially, life gets in the way. Which to be fair is no bad thing.

I needed some socks.

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