Wednesday 13 April 2011

Personal Training Camp Day 1

Ow. My legs really shouldn't hurt this much. 114km, 4hr 30mins, a few hills in there. Probably a bit more intense than I should have been riding but I seem to be doing that a lot recently. I'm sure tomorrow will be different.

I was up on time, coffee'd on time and out on time. I'd found a route called "Magnificat Stage 1 Plus" buried on my laptop, which I thought was the first chunk of last year's event with a loop back. Almost right. It was obviously something I'd drawn last year after the event, as the first 30km and last 40km were from the official route but with a beautiful linking section through some picture perfect Hampshire villages. Honestly, I had a "Isn't this bit of England brilliant" moment and I even saw my shadow a couple of times as the sun bravely tried to make an appearance.

Hell, I even passed the Vitacress watercress place and the entrance to Jody Scheckter's organic farm.

I stopped near Basingstoke for a Snickers and Powerade top-up which just about saved me from some low-sugar wobbliness and I kept up the pace until catching my chain on my front mech (again... really must sort that) which pulled it round and meant I sounded like I was trying to grate a spoon for the last 5km.

In, stretch, recovery drink and a first appearance of the year for the recovery tights.

The next couple of hours were spent slumped on the sofa watching "The Flying Scotsman", continuing the cycling theme.

Now off to a quiz. That's not very training camp but I'll pretend the Directeur Sportif has organised it.

Tomorrow - 3 or so hours, then physio appointment, then maybe another hour. We'll see.

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