Tuesday, 15 March 2011

It's started

The shopping, that is. A Powertap SL+ hub on an Open Pro rim, three boxes of Torq bars ("What flavour would you like?" "Surprise me" "OK, I'm writing down what you're getting but I'm not going to tell you") and two boxes of gels, all direct from Torq.

That may all be complete gibberish to you, so I'll try and put it into English.
  • Powertap + Open Pro = a wheel that costs as much as a serviceable car, isn't particularly light but will tell me how pathetic and unfit I am. I'm paying to know this.
  • Torq bars = vaguely fruity chewy things that I eat while exercising but rarely at other times. They're very tasty compared to other bars and very effective. I wouldn't call them food though, more like petrol for the legs.
  • Torq gels = vaguely fruity gloopy things that I absorb while exercising but rarely at other times. Think of super sweet toothpaste that disolves your teeth. The caffeinated ones are brilliant for perking you up on a long drive though. They should sell them in garages.
On the healing front, I can now rest my right hand on the bars for  good 10 minutes and the ribs on the back right only occasionally feel like they've been twisted like a sodden towel in a boys changing room.
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