Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Not the bending over backwards kind.

I had my operation 6 weeks ago tomorrow. They say that the average bone healing time is 4-6 weeks. My check up is next Wednesday. It's the not knowing that is frustrating.

If I knew my breaks (don't forget there are two of them - my standard answer to "what have you done?" is "I snapped my collarbone into three bits") were joining up I would
  • Dance a little with joy
  • Attempt to wear a t-shirt
  • Wash my left armpit properly
  • Roll over in bed
  • Rest my right hand on the handlebars whilst on the turbo. Just for a bit, to remind myself what it was like
  • Not have to strap myself up whenever I get up for a piss
  • Get less sympathy
  • Have to help with the cooking and washing up
  • Be in work full time
Hmm... maybe limbo is the place to be. At least for another week.
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