Wednesday 2 March 2011


Not the bending over backwards kind.

I had my operation 6 weeks ago tomorrow. They say that the average bone healing time is 4-6 weeks. My check up is next Wednesday. It's the not knowing that is frustrating.

If I knew my breaks (don't forget there are two of them - my standard answer to "what have you done?" is "I snapped my collarbone into three bits") were joining up I would
  • Dance a little with joy
  • Attempt to wear a t-shirt
  • Wash my left armpit properly
  • Roll over in bed
  • Rest my right hand on the handlebars whilst on the turbo. Just for a bit, to remind myself what it was like
  • Not have to strap myself up whenever I get up for a piss
  • Get less sympathy
  • Have to help with the cooking and washing up
  • Be in work full time
Hmm... maybe limbo is the place to be. At least for another week.


Anonymous said...

I can empathise Bryan. I dread getting up in the middle of the night, because the click, click, click of my crutches wakes the whole house :-) when is your next checkup? Must be imminent.

stratobiker said...

Bon Courage Bryan. Be have no choice. Good luck at the check up.


Unknown said...

Cheers... I'm trying not to get hopes up too much for Wednesday but secretly I'm planning lots of bike related spending for Wednesday night.