Saturday 12 March 2011

Training plan complete

Not just any training plan, but the 144 Episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Training Plan (tm).

I started this 27th December 2008 and finally finished on Thursday with the series 7 finale. I can't say I feel any fitter for doing it, although given that it's taken 26 months there may have been other influences along the way.

I therefore need a new training plan. I have two and a half series of Angel, three series of ER and the wonders of Sky Player video on demand. I started on Treme last night, and I've downloaded the next two episodes for today. Somehow though, the TAAHSOA,TSOER AND TWOSPVOD (ISOTLN) doesn't have quite the snappy title I'm looking for.

You may have guessed that the hospital visit went well on Wednesday - I'm now free of the strap-on* (which was ceremonially burnt in my fire pit) and my physio notes have the magical phrase "progress treatment, no restrictions" on them. I can sort of rest my bad arm on the handlebars but I imagine it's going to be a few weeks before I can actually venture outside. Still, it's all good and somehow I'm far more motivated to train that I would have been without the injury.

Right, down to the garage...

(* strap-on = pet name for sling)

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